air conditioning NRF 32147 Compressor

NRF 32147 Compressor, air conditioning: Car & Motorbike. Buy NRF 32147 Compressor, air conditioning at UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.. Designed according to OE standards 。 Brand new product, not remanufactured 。 Filled with correct amount of specified PAG oil 。 NRF "OE Equivalent" compressors have passed extensive functional and durability test 。 "Easy Fit" products are supplied with all necessary parts to make installation quick & easy 。 Product Description This part fits the following models:。VW Golf V .6 FSI (00 - 009) 85kW。 VW Golf VI .6 TDI (008 - 0) 77kW。 Audi A Sportback .0 TDI 6V (004 - 0) 0kW。 VW Tiguan Closed Off-Road Vehicle .0 TDI 4motion (007 - ) 0kW。 VW Golf V .9 TDI (00 - 009) 77kW。 Audi A Hatchback .0 TDI 6V (00 - 0) 0kW。 VW Golf VI .4 TSI (008 - 0) 90kW。 VW Golf V .0 GTI (00 - 009) 47kW。 VW Golf PLUS .0 TDI 6V (005 - 0) 0kW。 VW Golf VI .0 TDI (008 - 0) 0kW。This list is a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.。 Make sure this product fits your car by using the part finder above.。Equivalent Part Numbers:。SKODA K08080P; SKODA K080808BX; SKODA K080859N; SKODA K080859C; SKODA K080859D; SKODA K080859E; SKODA K080859F; SKODA K08080H; SKODA K08080J; SKODA K08080K; SKODA K08080L; SKODA K080808F; SKODA K080859D; SKODA 8J060805A; SKODA K08080QX; SKODA 5N08080B; SKODA K08080SX; SKODA K08080T; SKODA K080859H; SKODA K080859Q; SKODA K060859F; SEAT K080859SX; SKODA K08080L; SKODA 5N08080C; SEAT K08080K; SEAT 5N08080A; SEAT K08080E; SKODA 5Q08080E; SKODA 5Q08080E; SKODA 5Q08080G; SKODA 5Q08080G; SKODA 8J060805A; SKODA 5N08080H; SKODA K080808FX; SKODA 5N08080E; SKODA K080859M; SKODA 8J060805; SKODA 8J060805; SKODA K08080S; SKODA K080859Q; SKODA K080859QX; SKODA K080859J; SKODA K08080Q; SKODA K08080F; SKODA K08080G; SKODA K08080N; SKODA 5N08080G; SKODA 5N08080A; SKODA K080808B; SKODA K08080G; SKODA K08080E; SKODA K08080N; SKODA 5N08080; SKODA K080859S; SKODA K08080Q; SKODA K080859SX; SKODA 5N08080F; SKODA K080808BX; SKODA K080859T; SKODA K080808B; SKODA K080808D; SKODA K080859M; SKODA K080808D; SKODA K080859J; SKODA K08080F; SKODA K080859H; SKODA K080859F; SKODA K060859F; SKODA K080859E; SKODA K080859P; SKODA 5N08080G; SKODA K080859P; SKODA K080859QX; SKODA K080859S; SKODA K080859SX; SKODA K080859T; SKODA 5N08080; SKODA 5N08080A; SKODA 5N08080B; SKODA 5N08080C; SKODA K080859N; SKODA K08080K; SKODA K08080E; SEAT K060859F; SKODA K08080J; SKODA 5N08080E; SKODA K080808FX; SKODA K08080P; SKODA K080808F; SKODA K08080QX; SKODA K08080S; SKODA K08080SX; SKODA K08080T; SKODA K080808A; SKODA K080808A; SEAT K080859E; SEAT K080859T; SEAT K08080L; SEAT K08080J; SEAT 5N08080; SEAT K08080SX; SEAT 8J060805; SEAT K080859M; SEAT K080808FX; SEAT K080808F; SEAT K080808D; SEAT K08080P; SEAT K080808B; SEAT K08080Q; SEAT 5N08080E; SEAT 5Q08080G; SEAT 8J060805A; SEAT K080859F; SEAT 5N08080H; SEAT K080859F; SEAT 5N08080F; SEAT 5Q08080E; SEAT 5N08080C; SEAT 5N08080B; SEAT 5N08080A; SEAT K080808BX; SEAT K080808B; SEAT K08080G; SEAT K080859T; SEAT K080859D; SEAT K080859S; SEAT K080859QX; SEAT K080859Q; SEAT K080859P; SEAT K080859N; SEAT K080859M; SEAT K080859J; SEAT K08080N; SEAT 5N08080C; SEAT K080859SX; SEAT K080808A; SEAT K08080QX; SEAT K08080S; SEAT K080859C; SEAT K080808FX; SEAT K08080F; SEAT K080808F; SEAT K08080H; SEAT K080808BX; SEAT K080808D; SEAT K08080T; SEAT K080859H; SEAT 5N08080G; SEAT K080808A; SEAT K080859C; SEAT K080859QX; SEAT K080859Q; SKODA K08080H; SEAT K080859N; SEAT 5N08080; SEAT K08080H; SEAT K08080N; SEAT 5N08080F; SEAT K080859P; SEAT 5N08080B; SEAT 5N08080H; SKODA K080859C; SKODA 5N08080H; SKODA 5N08080F; SEAT 5Q08080E; SEAT 5N08080E; SEAT 5Q08080G; SEAT K080859E; SEAT K08080K; SEAT 5N08080G; SEAT K080859H; SEAT K08080F; SEAT 8J060805A; SEAT 8J060805; SEAT K080859J; SEAT K08080T; SEAT K060859F; SEAT K08080SX; SEAT K08080S; SEAT K08080E; SEAT K080859S; SEAT K08080QX; SEAT K08080Q; 。 。 。

air conditioning NRF 32147 Compressor
air conditioning NRF 32147 Compressor

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air conditioning NRF 32147 Compressor

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air conditioning NRF 32147 Compressor

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